Your website will need to be hosted on a web server – a computer that sends the web pages to your site’s visitors. There are hundreds of companies offering space on their web-servers, and prices start from a couple of Euros per month.

Web hosting companies vary significantly in terms of reliability, access speed, and services offered. The cheapest deals are usually US based servers that often mean sluggish websites for European visitors. Basic packages will often not include any database access, which is required for all but the simplest websites.

Whilst we are happy to host your website wherever you choose, we rent server space in bulk from one of the best UK web hosting companies, Memset. Memset have consistently won the award of Best Web Host from PCPro, the UK’s leading PC magazine for IT professionals.

We offer to host our clients’ websites on these servers for around the same price as Memset charge clients directly. The advantage for you is that we can manage the server on which your website is hosted, without you having to deal with a third party. If there is ever a problem with the server, we are notified by SMS and email and can usually deal with the issue more quickly than if your site is hosted with another provider.